May 14th 2010 02:12 pm New Economic Model and Quo Vadis Londonium?


Date:     Saturday, 19 June 2010
Time:     11:30-13:30
Location:     Room 511, Level 5, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Building, Imperial College London

Please RSVP here or by sending e-mail to 232877 at soas dot ac dot uk.

Dear all,

Our next meeting is timed to hopefully be after most of the exams but before everyone flies off for summer holidays. If in fact, you still have one or two last papers, well, this is early warning, so you can revise in advance. We have 2 main items on the agenda for this meeting, which are:

1. New Economic Model

The much-hyped successor to the New Economic Policy (a.k.a. Never-Ending Policy) is almost out and about in full. We expect a full disclosure in conjunction with the launch of the 10th Malaysia Plan (2011-2015) in early June, so we can expect commentaries from various parties by the time of our meeting.

Reading list will be attached once the documents are out. We look forward to authoritative commentaries like the ones on the Allah issue. Please contribute wherever you can.

*This is the provisional reading list for now:

2. MF London direction: 2010-2011 and beyond

We have had a brainstorming and fruitful discussion on the future of Malaysia Forum London on May 6, although we still need to consult the wider community and come out with a refined action plan especially with regards to the next academic year since many current members will no longer be around and we will need to have members who are committed to carrying the torch. Your participation is most coveted. Please extend the invitation to others who you feel may even have the slightest inkling of interest.

*Other concerns

We shall add to the list as we go along and as members suggest – that includes you, yes, you reading this now. Venue will be confirmed as soon as we get one. If you have any issue with the time, please write to me or post on the Facebook event wall and we will take it from there.

Many thanks for your kind attention

on behalf of Malaysia Forum